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Ramlal – Arab blues

I shot and directed a music video for my friends at Ramlal, Agha and Sibti. But then I got really busy. So after the poor guys called me a million times, I put together this cut, which hasn’t been graded or anything. Shahbaz Sumar shot some of the stuff at the arms store. Nigel Xavier helped with the video a lot, especially with the lighting and editing. Merium Azmi is the female model, I don’t remember the name of the other guy. Enjoy!

Ramlal – Arab blues: day one

So today was day one of shooting for the highly politically incorrect music video for Ramlal’s song Arab blues. We were shooting at #$$%#$@#%^ today and because we were given only one hour, I was pretty stressed. The most difficult part will be to make sense of the shot sequences, which is why I’m doing everything but actually getting down to edit. I did edit one sequence, which is a kind of mock product shoot. That was the easy part and it looks fine. I know the performance shots we’ll be doing on Thursday will be fine as well. It’s everything that’s supposed to make some kind of sense that I’m worried about. According to the gaffer Nigel Xavier, in the amount of time many singular scenes are set up, we had finished the shoot and were already out of the venue. We got to the location at 9:00, did the shoot, and I noticed that when I was ordering kabab rolls at Milano it was just 10:28! I had thought that we would be given more time because it turned out the location belonged to a friend of ours, who just showed up. But no, we had to leave.