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New Gawaahi video

Gawaahi.com just put up a video that I shot and co-edited with my sister Naveen Naqvi. Here it is:

Bunch of new videos

I’ve been busy… and have a couple of new videos up. The first is an educational one I made with my brother Nauman Naqvi. He had given a lecture at The Second Floor here in Karachi on Sadequain; I shot and edited it, and here it is:

Next there are two on Gawaahi.com: one is an interview of a union worker from Karachi who was fired for asking for a raise:

And lastly, another one for Gawaahi.com that I made with my sister Naveen Naqvi. Hey, it’s all in the family, isn’t it? This one is a short clip of a Pakistani flood survivor Ghulam Mohammad:

My Pakistan – KU on Gawaahi.com

Here’s a video I shot for Gawaahi.com with my sister Naveen. She produced it and Saman Ghani Khan edited it. This is a link to the post on the website.