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#ITlooks with Zara Peerzada Teasers

Here are teasers for this campaign I’ve directed and produced for L’Oréal Professionnel through Orientm McCANN, starring Zara Peerzada; the main film will come out soon:

Chester Bernard introspect: Farhad Humayun

This is the first in a series of videos I’m making for Pakistani clothing brand Chester Bernard, in which we talk to people who are at the top of their field about what makes them tick. In this one, Farhad Humayun plays drums and speaks about his life, art, work ethic and the loss of his father.

Innuendo Films

I’ve set up a production house called Innuendo Films. Bought the URL and everything and as stuff gets done I’ll be updating both sites. Even got a tiny office in Tauheed Commercial Area. Nigel Xavier and I have been working on a few projects for Toyota, PAKSAT and a couple of other clients, so watch this and/or that space. In the meanwhile, I’ve uploaded pictures from the shoots on the IF website.

Ramlal – Arab blues: day one

So today was day one of shooting for the highly politically incorrect music video for Ramlal’s song Arab blues. We were shooting at #$$%#$@#%^ today and because we were given only one hour, I was pretty stressed. The most difficult part will be to make sense of the shot sequences, which is why I’m doing everything but actually getting down to edit. I did edit one sequence, which is a kind of mock product shoot. That was the easy part and it looks fine. I know the performance shots we’ll be doing on Thursday will be fine as well. It’s everything that’s supposed to make some kind of sense that I’m worried about. According to the gaffer Nigel Xavier, in the amount of time many singular scenes are set up, we had finished the shoot and were already out of the venue. We got to the location at 9:00, did the shoot, and I noticed that when I was ordering kabab rolls at Milano it was just 10:28! I had thought that we would be given more time because it turned out the location belonged to a friend of ours, who just showed up. But no, we had to leave.

Bunch of new videos

I’ve been busy… and have a couple of new videos up. The first is an educational one I made with my brother Nauman Naqvi. He had given a lecture at The Second Floor here in Karachi on Sadequain; I shot and edited it, and here it is:

Next there are two on Gawaahi.com: one is an interview of a union worker from Karachi who was fired for asking for a raise:

And lastly, another one for Gawaahi.com that I made with my sister Naveen Naqvi. Hey, it’s all in the family, isn’t it? This one is a short clip of a Pakistani flood survivor Ghulam Mohammad:

Filmmaking workshop at T2F

I’ll be giving filmmaking classes at The Second Floor (T2F) every Sunday from the 3rd of April, 2011. So if you’re in Karachi and want to learn the basics, you may want to join. The first session will cover some of the basic terms and theories in the fields of film and video. Second session will be a practical demonstration of how to operate a camera. Third session will cover editing on Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. Fourth session will be exporting projects and DVD authoring on DVD Studio Pro. This is the link to the Facebook event.

Filmmaking 101 at T2F

Post the first

Here you will be able to stay up-to-date with my illustrious career as a film-maker in Karachi, Pakistan. What little I have done I have tried to put down on the bio page. And then the plan is that as I’m doing stuff, I will keep writing about it here. Why it would be of any interest to anyone is completely beyond me. So… currently I’m showing my showreel to different advertising agencies here in Karachi, trying to get low-budget commercials, branded music videos, tv/web-based shows and corporate documentaries. Unfortunately nothing has materialized recently, in fact I haven’t done any work since we finished filming Rafina. But the idea is that once I get a project or two, then I will have a more substantial showreel, and then I’ll definitely get more projects, and so on. In the meanwhile, I’m going to make a music video for a song called Arab Blues by Ram Lal, and another one for Shaheryar Mirza’s song Volcano.