Filmmaking workshop at T2F

I’ll be giving filmmaking classes at The Second Floor (T2F) every Sunday from the 3rd of April, 2011. So if you’re in Karachi and want to learn the basics, you may want to join. The first session will cover some of the basic terms and theories in the fields of film and video. Second session will be a practical demonstration of how to operate a camera. Third session will cover editing on Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. Fourth session will be exporting projects and DVD authoring on DVD Studio Pro. This is the link to the Facebook event.

Filmmaking 101 at T2F

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  1. film making courses

    nice… learning basics is very important in film making ..good work

    1. nofil

      thank you! checked out your site… very impressive. i wish someone would set up something like this in pakistan.

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