Write a script…

Well, all eyes are on Pakistan. We’re never out of the news. But there don’t seem to be too many movies coming out of here. Strangely disproportionate, but then again, one would have to be a bit of a daredevil to come and shoot here. What’s that you say? Oh, we can’t possibly make any movies of our own, of course. With Bollywood next door, there’s no reason to. But there is, actually. There’s a lot of interesting stories that can be told about Pakistanis. And I’m afraid the few that have been made into movies are horribly boring. So now I’m thinking of writing a script. And then I’m going to try and get funding to make the movie, somehow. I’m thinking of sending the script to Francis Ford Copolla and David Lynch. Maybe they might be interested? Or BBC Films? Wait, let’s write the script first. And before that, let’s decide who the movie is about. Who is this guy? Or girl? Or family? Or community?

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