Movie idea

Since my last entry I have figured out that the story cannot be autobiographical. I know a few ‘subaltern’ stories that have fascinated me, and I’m considering this one:

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  1. Gabriel Nevarez

    A movie called White Ninja where a guy dressed up in regular clothes runs real fast does flips and floats uses a sword and ninja stars wears a bandana headlike belt on the left side of his head a baggy white t-shirt regular baggy pants gets arrested for nothing then goes to a Mental hospital where theres a bunch of crazy guy tries real hard to get out gets out meets 5 characters fights and kills another 5 characters that control natural disasters he meets the other 5 in the mental hospital they have regular weapons he fights them one by one solo he mentally fights the 5 main characters in the mental hospital one crazy one big one real crazy one smooth one get in trouble. the characters outside sees pictures own eatrhquakes to one place fire tsanami hurricain and a meteor he sees it before it comes and kills them while in a alone area regular people walk around cops have guns.bad

    1. nofil

      holy. shit.

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